This site provides lesson plans for college and university faculty who teach environmental ethics, environmental history, nature writing, natural sciences, and other courses that often include Aldo Leopold's essays in the curriculum. Most of the courses listed here include Leopold's A Sand County Almanac or his other essays. The bibliographies and other resources are included to help scholars supplement their teaching and research. We welcome other links and suggestions.



The materials included here were developed during a month-long summer institute for 25 college and university faculty, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Held during the summer of 2009 in Prescott, Arizona, the institute was planned to recognize the 100th anniversary of Leopold's arrival in the Southwest. The Institute for Humanities Research at Arizona State University was the project's sponsor. You can learn more about the curriculum, faculty and activities here.



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For information about the summer institute, or to suggest other resources, please contact Dan Shilling, co-director of the summer institute or use our contact form.