Can't drive to Sedona Sunday

Hi folks, Turns out I can't be a driver for a trip to Sedona on Sunday. I have a friend coming up from Phoenix for a visit that day. I'd assumed that she would be glad to head on up the road with us, but it turns out that Prescott is destination enough for her; she wants to catch some bluegrass, play a game of Scrabble...

Sorry to get your hopes up if you were hoping to make this drive.

On Saturday, July 4, my wife Fern (who will be in for the weekend) and I will are planning to escape the hubbub of the "world's oldest rodeo" and get out of town--perhaps to Sedona, Jerome, and/or Flagstaff. We'll be happy to take others as well. More on that later.

Have a nice weekend!



Scrabble, did you say? I haven't played in several weeks, but I did kick butt at the Carleton Scrabble Tournament in February. Let me know if you want a game!

Kimberly Smith
Assoc. Professor, Political Science and
Environmental Studies
Carleton College