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CFP: Journal of American Culture
Theme Issue: The Greening -- or not -- of America –
At the focus of this special issue is the global environmental crisis now sometimes being faced – and undeniably also sometimes being denied. What are its implications for the culture of the United States? America, because of its position as the world’s dominant military superpower and consumer of resources, occupies a critical role in the environmental crisis. In this special issue, we seek contributions from a range of interdisciplinary environmental thinkers, dreamers and practitioners. Essays can, for example, address an environmental practitioner or thinker, an idea, issue, philosophy or form of activism, historical or current. They can examine explicitly environmental texts, provide new readings of texts not generally understood as “green,” and/or also take the form of a “manifesto.” They can explore “green” understandings of such basics as birth, food, community, sex, health, sickness, spirituality, and death. We particularly welcome essays based in ecological feminist and transnational perspectives and in awareness of the intersections of environmental devastations with forms of social injustice.

Submissions, generally 15-25 pages in length, are to be original scholarly manuscripts formatted according to MLA style guidelines using in-text citations with author's name and page number. Endnotes and works cited should appear at the end of the paper. In light of space limitations, please avoid excessive use of endnotes.

This issue will be edited by Jane Caputi ( and Suzanne Kelly ( Direct inquiries to either editor.

Send completed manuscripts to The Journal of American Culture at or The Journal of American Culture, Virginia Wesleyan College, 1584 Wesleyan Drive, Norfolk, VA 23502.

The deadline for submission is Dec. 31 2010 and the issue will be published in March 2012.