Curt's Big Venn & A Message

First, thanks to everyone for the fascinating experience and conversation.  I look forward to seeing where it leads.  It was a pleasure to spend time with such a group of active minds and spirits.  If there are additional questions, concerns, comments, folks should feel free to contact me at

 A couple short notes...

  • I've attached the powerpoint slide of my infamous Venn diagram.  May all discussions in the weeks ahead be so inspired!
  • This item just came over the transom:  I remember that the Leopold/Merton connection came up in conversation last week.
  • I'd like to encourage the participants to visit the website fo the Center for Humans and Nature, where I wear one of my hats --  In particular, folks might be interested in our electronic journal Minding Nature (linked there).  Perhaps some would be interested in contributing to it at some point.
  • Likewise, the Aldo Leopold Foundation's website has links to our publications.
  • I'm copying both Buddy and Brooke Hecht, now president at the Center for Humans and Nature.  Our organizations work in close partnership, and make my particpation possible. 
  • I'm sorry we did not get around to giving a demonstration of the on-line Leopold papers. Perhaps Susan Flader will be able to do that.  Or perhaps it can still be done remotely with the proper technological set-up.

A final anecdote.  After talking with Sandy at teh museum, I realized that our meeting room is in fact the exact space where I spent two days doing research 25 years ago (!!).  I'd hit Prescott on a research tour of the Southwest, following a lot of hopeful leads (more than a few of which were wild geese!)  The room there was piled wide and high in old Forest Service records, documents, and memorabilia.  I sifted through as much as I could -- it was not even catlogued.  The thing I remember most from those piles was a collection of ledger books from the 1910s and '20s that contained the USFS's detailed predator bounty records -- numbers and payments for wolves, cougars, bears, etc.  So it is an oddly appropriate space that you all are inhabiting! I'm sure everone is enjoying the time with Julianne, and that the weeks ahead will be full of imagination and revelation.  I look forward to further reports! 


Best wishes to all,Curt 



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