Ben Minteer Leopold Chapter

A few people have asked for a link to a reading by Ben Minteer, the guest speaker this week. Some of you mentioned you know his book, The Landscape of Reform, which has a chapter on Leopold, so I'll link to that here. This is Google Books, and as such the entire chapter doesn't appear, but if you scan what's here you'll get a sense of what he'll talk about Wednesday. I mentioned to Ben we'd be doing this, with the hope some of you will buy the book, which looks at four conservationists/planners within the pragmatic tradition -- Leopold, Mumford, Bailey, MacKaye -- so you'll likely get a different read than Baird's. BTW, this Wednesday we are NOT at Highlands, because the indoor space is not available and Ben wants to use PowerPoint, so the outdoor amphitheater will not work. Instead, we'll be back at the Museum. We'll return to Highlands, then, the final week, when Tom Fleischner is the guest speaker. Tom would like to do some walk-and-talk, so that works out nicely. Dan