Third Week Overview

Greetings Leopold Instituters,


With one week to go in the institute, we’d like to get your impressions of Week Three. Below are just a few short questions. Before that, however, here is the schedule for next week:


Sunday, 6PM: Reception for Scott Russell Sanders at Prescott Brewery Company. It’s at 130 W. Gurley, just north of Courthouse Square. We’ve reserved the upstairs.


Monday, 8:30AM: We’re meeting this day only in the Archives Building. which is just across McCormick Street from the Museum. This will be a little crowded, and please do not bring water or coffee into the Archives, but we’ll be out of there by 11:30. Monday afternoon is free for you to work in groups.


Tuesday, 8:30AM: We’re back in the Museum in the morning, and the afternoon is free for your group work.


Tuesday, 6:00PM: We’ll meet at Rita Cantu’s house, where Jane is staying, for a tour of her house (and a neighbor’s), who are moving toward off-the-grid strategies. Rita is also a wonderful musician (with a few songs about Leopold), so she’ll entertain us some, and ask others to jam with her (her home is filled with instruments). She has a backyard grill, so please bring something to eat or drink. Rita lives at xxxPaar, which is within walking distance of the Museum (link here), but we’ll distribute a car-ride sheet as well.


Wednesday, 8:30AM: We’re trying to arrange a full day at Highlands, and we should know by Monday. At the very least, in the morning we’ll meet in the Museum, then go to Highlands for Tom Fleischner’s afternoon guest lecture. Tom will do a bit of walk ‘n talk out there.


Thursday, 8:30AM: We’ll be in the Museum all day. We’d like to give each of your 15 minutes to talk about your proposed course and/or project. Your presentation format is up to you, but you might consider telling the group: 1) the program in which the course could be taught, 2) the course’s purpose/mission/objectives, 3) why you selected the readings you did, 4) possible course activities, 5) the connection to Leopold and/or this institute. If you’d like to use PowerPoint, we’ll load everyone’s presentation on one computer, so we don’t have a lot of shuffling. Plan on a five- to 10-minute presentation, so we have some time for group response. Remember, in addition to Scott Sanders, historian Susan Flader will also join us on Thursday. We should be able to get through most of the group in one day, but we’ll reserve Friday morning to finish.


Friday, 8:30AM: Meeting again in the Museum, we’ll finish your presentations in the morning, then spend some time evaluating the institute as a group. We have some NEH and ASU paperwork to pass out to you, so we’ll take care of that too. We should be able to finish up by noon.


Friday, 7:00PPM: This is the final event of the institute, held at the Hassayampa Inn Conference Center. John Langellier from Sharlot Hall Museum will serve as emcee. We’d like one of you to represent the group, to give a short (3-5 minutes) overview of your time in Prescott, so we’ll talk about this during the week. Scott Sanders will introduce Susan Flader, and she’ll give the final, 100th anniversary Leopold talk.


Okay, questions for Week Three:


1. Did Baird Callicott’s presentations help you to better understand the philosophical dimensions of Leopold’s essays? If so, what one thing stood out for you? If not, what might he have done differently?


2. Did Ben Minteer contribute to your appreciation of Leopold? If so, what one thing will you take away from his talk? If not, what could he have done differently?


3. Did Mike Anderson, the guest speaker at the Grand Canyon, provide a sense of the natural and political environments that Leopold stepped into? About these field trips, would you have been willing to pay $75-100 extra to stay over, rather than rush back?


4. Anything else from Week Three?


Thanks, see you Sunday. Enjoy the weekend, it’s only 109 in Phoenix today, bleh.