Tom Fleischner Presentation

Here's a preview of what Tom Fleischner will be talking about Wednesday at Highlands:

"Aldo Leopold and the Practice of Natural History" I will be dealing with what I call "natural history in the expansive sense" and how Leopold is a great example of this. But what I plan to do is more along the lines of facilitating a workshop than presenting a lecture--ie, I will get everyone involved, hopefully a bit out of their heads and into the land. I hope that this can help everyone integrate what they've already learned.

Tom Fleischner has been a professor in the interdisciplinary Environmental Studies Program at Prescott College for 21 years, where he teaches courses on both the "perfection" and the "imperfection" of the world that integrate natural sciences with humanities and social sciences: natural history, field ecology, conservation biology, environmental policy, nature writing, and ecopsychology. Besides teaching in the field here in the Central Highlands of Arizona, he regularly teaches field courses in Mexico and Alaska. He served on the Board of Governors of the Society for Conservation Biology, as President of its Colorado Plateau Chapter, cofounded the North Cascades Institute in Washington, and is founding President of the Natural History Network.