Fourth Week Overview

Leopold Terminators,


Greetings. We hope you made it home with no problems, and we actually hope some of you are still on the road, enjoying your travels. Thanks very much for the kinds words on the cards you gave us; we too thought it an exhilarating month. In preparation for the final narrative report to NEH, we’d like you to respond to just a few final questions.


Also, please remember that the online evaluation for NEH is not optional, so when you have a moment visit this link and complete the short form. You’ll see our institute, the third one on the list.


Thanks for now. We’ll be back in touch later about posting your syllabi and suggested readings on the website. Cheers!


1. Did Scott Russell Sanders contribute to your appreciation of Leopold as a writer? If so, what one thing will you take away from his talks? If not, what might he have done differently?


2. Did Tom Fleischner’s presentation add to the final week? If so, what did you like? If not, what might he have changed?


3. Please comment on the final two days, during which participants presented their projects. Might we have done anything differently?


4. What did you think of Susan Flader’s role in the institute – both her assistance during your course presentations and the final talk?


5. Any final thoughts?


Finally, on the news front: Josh Bellin sent word that the current issue of Audubon has an issue on wolf hunting in Alaska, with quotes from Leopold. Also, in addition to its Outlook quarterly journal, which is sent to donors, the Aldo Leopold Foundation posts a free e-newsletter, which you can sign up for at the Foundation’s website (scroll down to the sign-up section). We’ll have a short story about the institute in the next e-newsletter.