Bryan the Elder in Flagstaff

Bryan doesn't seem to be able to post on the Discussion Board, so I am pasting these updates from a recent e-mail, which he asked me to pass along. Dan


1) I met with City (Flagstaff) officials this morning and we have come to agreement as to a site and a process for my class to carry out a restoration project.  Would you believe it is on soil erosion control?  The site is a short walk from our campus. Further, we have agreed to start with a small, bureaucratically simple, and rather straight forward  task.  Then next semester we may take on a slightly larger project, but always one where the students have a sense of completion and of "giving back" to their community through service learning.  Further, the State Fish and Wildlife has been contacted and they want to be part of these small restoration projects, particularly as related to migratory bird habitat.  The idea now is that we begin to plan a 10 year restoration project  which will be divided up into sections to be completed each semester.


2) I attended a public hearing on the conversion of Roger's Lake from a State Land parcel available for sale for development (and their is a developer bidding) to a permanent conservation easement.  Rogers lake is known to have T&E species, is a migratory bird habitat, a corridor for the migration of elk, deer, other organisms and their predators and as well is 145 minutes fro downtown Flagstaff.  There was a litany of City, County, State and Federal officials who spoke on behalf of the conservation easement, as well as several individuals speaking as private citizens. I spoke at the very end and used both the thoughts of and in part the style of Aldo Leopold to convey to the State Land Commission that we have a responsibility which goes beyond the sale and development of land. I suspect the Commission will find in favor of the conservation easement.